Our highly trained team of mechanics and support staff ensure that our customer always receive friendly , professional and reliable service. Our services include :

Wheel alignment and balancing

A vehicle is properly aligned when all suspension and steering components are sound and when the tire and wheel assemblies are running straight and true. If you notice uneven tread wear this could be due to a misalignment and must be serviced by a professional. JTE has the latest infra red technology to check the readings of the alignment, and match it to the OEM settings of the manufacturer.


German Tiptop Reema Patches

Adhering to the safety of our partners we selected to them Tiptop Reema Patch (German) because it maintains tires performance, tolerates high temperatures, extremely suitable for Saudi weathers because it is made of high quality materials. Due to our partners' need to move between different rugged terrains in long roads, mountains, hills, Tiptop Reema Patches (German) are joined with tires so as to become an integral part of the tire and also serves it to maintain tire performance on long run. Among its features it welds the tire with large sizes reaching to three centimeters, used for light cars, trucks and heavy equipments.

Japanese Maroni Patches

Tires are exposed to several shocks with solid bodies resulting cracks and openings in tires. Therefore, we selected to our partners MARONI PATCH (Japanese) because it joins quickly, with several sizes and tolerates high temperatures and it is not corroded on long run.

Steering and Suspension

Maintaining accurate control of your vehicle requires a steering and suspension system that ensures your tires are in firm contact with the road every time. Signs of problems in the suspension system maybe that your car tends to divert even though the steering wheel is centered, or if you can feel the slight bumps in the road. In this case the steering and suspension systems may be failing. We will be glad to check and repair both systems to help you enjoy a smoother and safer journey.


The condition of your tires determines the ability of your vehicle to handle various road situations efficiently. As the official agents for many international tire brands we will advise you how to monitor tire wear and tear, and also we can change your tires in the most advanced manner.

Alloy Wheels

What are the benefits of fitting Alloy Wheels to my car? In general, alloy wheels are lighter, more attractive, and better at dissipating brake heat than their steel counterparts. Fitting alloy wheels normally reduces your car's rotating weight - this means a reduction in rotating mass at the ends of your suspension components, giving you improved steering feel and greater braking response, and more fuel economy.